Getting Started

Step 1: Invite your teammates to the #lunch_buddies channel

The app works by polling the members of a Slack channel to see who is interested in participating. When you installed the app, a default #lunch_buddies channel was created. You should invite your teammates to this channel.

Step 2: Create the poll

To initiate the process, type the following message in the #lunch_buddies channel.

You can customize both the times of the poll and the size of the groups. Here are a few examples:

It is possible to have multiple polls going at the same time; they are uniquely defined by the channel from which they were created. For example, you could "create" a poll in the #seattle_office channel and also in the #san_francisco_office channel. Members of each channel will be independently polled and grouped.

Step 3: Respond to the poll

After receiving the create command, the bot will individually poll the members of the channel asking about participation.

Participants can select their time preference or opt out.

Step 4: Close the poll

Navigate back to the "#lunch_buddies" channel and type the following message:

The bot will randomly group people and start a group chat between all of them.